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Over eight billion gallons of water a day burst forth from Florida's springs - the most unique concentration of springs on the planet. At one time, it was thought to be an endless supply, but now the demands of man are starting to exceed availability. We join a team on a daring journey into the Floridan Aquifer to find out what's going wrong. As the team follows the connective path of water through the landscape, their discoveries lead viewers on a thrilling adventure about the miraculous course that water takes, and the places we don't want to believe it goes. Is it too late for the Floridan Aquifer?


Florida's aquifer is part of a dwindling, finite domain of places on earth rarely witnessed by man. Only a small group of elite divers have ventured into these water-filled caves. Even fewer have attempted to conduct scientific investigations here. But these intrepid explorers are uncovering important facts about the health of the Floridan aquifer. They are discovering that our springs are something between a weather vane and a time machine - foretelling the future of water quality as our aquifer becomes affected by pollution and urban expansion.

Water's Journey: The Hidden Rivers of Florida

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