Water's Journey: The Series


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Water's Journey
The Series

Shot in High Definition.

Comprehensive educational outreach programming
based on science, adventure and exploration.

The series brings to light an impending
international crisis. Everywhere in the world water is affected by activities that occur on the surface of the earth. Water is not something that is used, discarded and destroyed.

It is part of the great hydrologic cycle and will be reused indefinitely to nourish our planet.

Karst Productions has partnered with the award-winning FusionSpark Media to present a companion website for each film in the series. Each interactive site delves more deeply into the issues presented in the film.

That fabled wetland, the Florida Everglades is in trouble. For the past 150 years humankind has attempted to harness this enigmatic wilderness to serve its needs. Ironically, we have destroyed more than the beautiful natural habitat of a diverse flora and fauna. We have endangered ourselves. Our ability to continue to live within the Everglades watershed is in peril.

The subject of the Everglades and its restoration is as vast and complex as the landscape itself....from the nearly extinct Ghost Orchid in the Fakahatchee Swamp to the extensive network of manmade water conservation areas intended to store and cleanse contaminated runn-off, it is a story of contrasts. It is, after all, about water....too much water, not enough water, clean water, polluted water.

In this two-part episode of Water's Journey, our scientists and explorers follow the path of the water from the headwaters just outside of Disney World in Orlando, to the Florida Keys. They learn about the history, the hydrology, the people who live and work on the land, its natural beauty and our efforts to restore and protect this great natural resource.

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Travel with the the Water's Journey team from the mouth of the mighty St. Johns river to its beginnings deep in the heart of Florida.

The St. Johns is an everyman's river. Like most rivers across the country it runs through the heart of civilization where the human and wildlife populations that cradle its banks struggle to coexist.

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One of the Water's Journey teams takes to the air in flying inflatable boats to get the big picture.

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As the other team explores the tributaries to the St. Johns, they follow the water to some unexpected places. We think of tributaries as rivers, streams or creeks that feed water to the river. But to follow the tributaries, the Water's Journey team goes deep into the earth .....

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and to some other surprising places.....

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Together the teams discover that all of our lives are intertwined with the sources that give life to the St. Johns River.

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Over 8 billion gallons of water a day burst forth from Florida's springs....the most unique concentration of springs on the planet. At one time it was thought to be an endless supply, but now the demands of man are starting to exceed availability.

Take a daring journey into the floridan aquifer to find out what's going wrong. Follow the connective path of water through the landscape on a thrilling adventure about the miraculous course that the water takes.

One team dives deep into the heart of our drinking water ......

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...while another team uses high tech radio location equipment to track their progress from the surface.

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Join them as they make important discoveries about the fragile nature of our aquifers.

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