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Wes Skiles 1958-2010

Wes left a legacy of beautiful still and moving images. His DVDs and still images are available in the Karst Store.

Wes was an explorer who opened new worlds to us. He was a champion of Florida's freshwater springs. He was a dreamer who dared to dream that our springs could be saved and restored to their former glory.

Wes Skiles

Wes wrote the following in 2008:

Leaving behind the days of innocence: Safeguarding the Floridian Aquifer

In July 1973 I made my first unsupervised scuba dive at Ginnie Springs in Florida at a tender age of 13. Before Ginnie was a park, it was a real adventure just getting close to the spring without getting your car stuck in the swamp. With few people visiting the spring it was truly a wildlife sanctuary. Beautiful eelgrass carpeted much of the basin. Fish, turtles, birds, crayfish and reptiles were abundant in the spring. But it was the springs cave entrance that first captured my attention.
Kicking hard against the current I made my way down to the dark foreboding entrance....

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